Nambi Narayanan:-The true hero and a great scientist

Nambi Narayanan ISRO scientist

Early life story:

12 December 1941, S. Nambi Narayanan was born in Nagercoil, Travancore (presently Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu, India). He belongs to a middle-class Tamil Brahmin family. He completed his education up to intermediate from DVD higher secondary. After the death of his father the responsibility of his whole family comes upon him at his early age. Since Nambi Narayanan has a brilliant mind he got many scholarships that assist him in completing his studies. Nambi Narayanan understood his responsibilities in his very early life. While others were enjoying their money yet he was sending all his earnings to his family. He completed his mechanical engineering degree from Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai. He did his Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) from Princeton University.

Career: Hard work and dedication makes Nambi Narayanan a great scientist

Nambi Narayanan- Vikash engine-ISRO
Thought by Nambi Narayanan

The Indian space research organization(ISRO) selected Narayanan. Nambi Narayananwants to be in the space science and technology center (SSTC) and for that Narayanan needs to be a highly qualified professional. So he left to pursue With the permission of Vikram Sarabhai (chairman of ISRO at that time). Eventually, Narayanan earned a fellowship at NASA. There Nambi Narayanan completed his master’s in chemical rocket propulsion in just 10 months at Princeton University. Nambi Narayanan came back to India to serve his nation despite being offered a job in the US. Now he begins his work on liquid-fuelled engines. While others are working on solid motors. He was a visionary man and knew the futuristic application of liquid fuel in rockets. Narayanan successfully developed a 600-kilogram thrust engine. Thereafter he moved on to a bigger one.

The deal or agreement: the great move of Nambi Narayanan

The greatest person Nambi Narayanan and his story

In 1992 to continue his work Nambi Narayanan signed an agreement with Russia for sharing technology in cryogenic fuel-based engines at a very cheap price as compared to the US and France. unfortunately, later Russia under the pressure of the US canceled this deal. To bypass this dilemma India signed a new agreement with Russia to fabricate four cryogenic engines alongside mocks. Later on, Nambi Narayanan and his team developed the Vikas engine which was used in many of the rocket launches including Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV), etc.

Arrest: False allegations that almost destroyed Nambi Narayanan’s career

conspiracies by foreign power-False allegations

In 1994, Nambi Narayanan among his two scientists was arrested in charge of sharing important data of ISRO and drawing his project to Pakistan through Mariam Rasheeda ( as she named them as her companion). Nambi Narayanan in one of his interviews said that some intelligence officials pressured him to claim false accusations on his seniors or top officials of ISRO but he refused. So they tortured him for 50 days. Due to that he collapsed and admitted to the hospital. ISRO did not support him. As they stated that ISRO could not interfere in legal matters. In 1996, CBI took over his case. CBI found no evidence against him and dismissed the charges.

The justice: rise of new sun for Nambi Narayanan

In 1998, the Supreme Court declared him not guilty and freed him from all charges. Further, Nambi Narayanan went to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in hope of some compensation. As he already lost so much along with his precious time. Kerala High court ordered a compensation of rupees 10 lakh for Nambi Narayan based upon the appeal from the national human rights commission. It was further reported that the government of Kerala did not follow the orders of the High court.

In 2013, Nambi Narayana in hope of exposing the conspirators behind his case pushed for justice in his case. In one of his interviews, he said that ‘ I want that nobody has to face these types of conditions. So that I will fight till I win. He said ‘I fought for something I believed and I won’.

The compensation: Some relief from SC and Govt.

Nambi Narayanan- Padma Bhushan

In 2018 in response to Nambi Narayanan’s plea, Supreme Court appointed a three-member panel headed by a former judge. Which later awarded the Narayanan with 50 lakh compensation for whatever, unfortunately, happened to him i.e. mental cruelty and torture that he had to suffer for nothing. In addition to this, the Government of Kerala has decided to give him rupees 1.3 crores as compensation.

On 26 January 2019, Mr. Presisident Ramnath Kovind awarded him with the Padma Bhushan, the third-highest civilian award in the republic of India, by the government of India.


At the beginning of Nambi Narayanan’s story, he completed his education on scholarships. He spends all his earnings on his family. Narayanan chose the field of a rocket as one of the most difficult of that time. He got support from his seniors in ISRO. Nambi Narayanan earned his fellowship in NASA and completed his master’s in a record 10 months. The Vikas engine is made by Nambi Narayanan and his team, which was later used in several projects of ISRO. Instead of facing pressure from foreign powers, he managed to make arrangements for his project.

In 1994 he was arrested for leaking the data to the enemy country he was tortured and faced harsh conditions. In 1996 CBI took over the case and found no evidence against him, in 1998 Supreme Court declared him not guilty. Later he appealed for compensation because he suffered a lot for nothing and in 2018 he got 50 lakh as compensation. Narayanan got Padma Bhushan from the government of India.

Rocketry Scientist:

The movie is based on the great real-life scientist, Nambi Narayanan. This epic movie has tried to cover almost every aspect of his life. It’s also remarkable that R. Madhavan’s debut as a writer, as a director, and also as an actor on the real-life scientist Nambi Narayanan. Madhavan’s transformation in this movie is incredible. This movie is shot in three languages Hindi, English, and Telugu. It also has the cameo role of Shahrukh Khan. This movie shows how great scientist is caged under the conspiracies of a higher foreign power. It also shows that how the great career of a great scientist is almost destroyed by fake allegations.

PM Narendra Modi ji has also supported the movie by the tweeter,” Happy to have met you and the brilliant Nambi Narayanan Ji. This film covers an important topic, which more people must know about. Our scientists and technicians have made great sacrifices for our country, glimpses of which I could see in the clips of Rocketry.”

You can watch the trailer here :

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