World Mafia: A Seed of Destruction of Society


Sicilian Mafia

The World Mafia, a network of organized crime groups. They originated on an island name Sicily in mid of 19th century. These Sicilians banded together in groups to protect themselves and carry out their own justice.

Earlier, “Mafioso” or world mafia members had no criminal connections and also used the central authority. In addition, these group started to exhort protection money from landowners and slowly became the violent criminal’s organization known today as the  Sicilian Mafia.

Basically, World Mafia was a hierarchically structured society of criminals of primarily Italian or Sicilian birth or extraction.

Benito Mussolini Note and Action on Sicilian World Mafia Activity:

The fascist regime came close to eliminating the Mafia by arresting and trying thousands of suspected Mafiosi and sentencing them to long jail terms. During world war II the American occupation authorities released many of the Mafiosi from prison and these men proceeded to revive the organization. The world mafia’s power remained was weakened in the rural areas of central and western Sicily, however, and its activities were directed more to urban and to industry business and construction, as well as the traditional extortion.


Indian with a population of 135 crores has experienced many nightmarish situations in past.

Several anomalous activities have rendered peoples into deep mental and physical trauma.

People in India faces so many problems regarding lifestyles such as scarcity of food, water and daily livelihood materials. Which ended peoples on the thought of negative activities.

India which is known for its diversity has also now known for its criminological and malicious activities. Indian had started showing flourishment of the underworld. At the onset of the 1960s when small bribes on illegal taxation of coal mining had observed. Another term like Jungle raj, Gunda raj was getting highlighted during this time. Their basic motto is to threaten the people and collect various invalid taxes from them. By taking this whole scenario into consideration several remarking cities come to highlight like Ramanathapuram and the most known city for this all activities. MUMBAI was also titled “CITY OF MAFIA GODS”.

        Mumbai is known for its ambitions. Several people come here to complete their goals and ambition. Many celebrities, famous personalities were attracted by the beauty and greatness of Mumbai. In addition, it also attracts many undesirable personalities.

  Prominent personalities like Dawood Ibrahim, Tiger Mamon, Amar and Ashwin Naik (Naik Brothers), Haji Mastan, Shashikala Patankar and many more.


Powerful organizations highlighted the significant power and their overall authority and also come into highlight by their actions.


Beggar Mafia

Children in India face many dangers and those children who are orphaned, homeless without any guardian support is at the highest risk for exploitation, starvation, illness, and death. The beggar mafia has started taking place in the roots of small-scale criminal groups. Who most probably sometimes belongs to big criminal groups. Most of the time kidnaps children or stole them from places like a hospital, several other areas and made them forcefully begged. By practising these things most of the children are kept away from their basic livelihood needs like nutrition, medicines, and also negligence of mental health and these children will gradually become a social stigma to the society.

This practice creates a higher sense of negative emotion inside a child their morals are being disrupted very badly and rudely. They sometimes forcefully made to theft, murder and also several undesirable activities.

These children sometimes exported to other regions for several activities like slavery, sometimes they face sexual abuse and smuggling of their vital organs like kidneys, liver, etc. To resolve this whole problem several organizations, NGOs, and also the government has put forth their steps. So that world can be free from the world mafia

Children are like wet cement whatever falls on them makes an impression.”

 — Haim Ginott, a child psychologist.


Drug Mafia

After the beggar mafia next most crucial mafia is the drug mafia. Since the drug mafia and beggar have a close connection. That’s why both these mafia is the biggest threat for all civilized humankind. Orphaned children were using as guinea pigs by their masters for experimenting with drugs on them. This mafia has easily established its roots in society by smuggling goods on a large scale. In addition, many well-known personalities are also engaging in these activities which is serve as a boon for these mastermind smugglers. Nowadays due to easy accessibility to these several drugs many teenagers misusing this. Which affects their nervous system and making their core very weak. Sometimes result in complete mental retardation.

However, It also increases the risk of HIV infections in teenagers by sharing the used needles.

For these NCB The Narcotics Control Bureau has taken very serious measures regarding this drug smuggling and availability of drugs to teenagers. Pablo Escobar, Frank Lucas who has also known as a famous drug dealer.

Indian known Drug Smugglers are Tiger Mamon and a gang. He has found to be a strong drug dealer in India.

Another known personality is of Mumbai’s female drug dealer who was also known to be the drug underworld, Shashikala Ramesh Patankar. Reported having the alias Baby Patankar. Shashikala was one of the main persons behind the distribution of the famous narcotic which was called “Meow Meow”.

One more name that came into the picture is Chhota Rajan a well-known drug smuggler in Mumbai. He had known as “DRUG LORD”.


Education Mafia

              Education is one supreme boon to all humankind. However, this boon has misused by several people. Education has a basis for any underdeveloped, developing, and developed community. Compromise in education is a highly invalid and inappropriate thing that can happen.

People in various aspects misusing the education theme or trait to fill their pocket with metals and papers. India one of the populated countries in the world lagged in providing quality education to students. This has also happened to many corrupted people who also have benefited themselves equally with income that had not meant for them. India has almost 1.5 million schools, 40,000 colleges, and 1000s of Universities and institutes.

Besides, 26% of the Indian population comes under the category of illiterate. In addition, The reason behind we are not attaining 100% literacy is not the poor education system. The main reason is a poor mindset and poor thinking. Several people just see education as a source an income to fill their unwanted needs. Problems that creating hindrance in the education system are

  • Leaking of the question paper. The examination is also an equally important part of any curriculum. Although, Many higher authorities have access to this question paper. They have the ability to sell these question paper and also misusing these powers too.
  • Taking various beneficiary amounts under the banner of the government.
  • Municipality scholarship program for underprivileged studious students. The monetary help which was provided by the government to these students sometimes doesn’t reach the students.
  • Corruption in assigning a proper marking system in the exam.

     In India annually 42% of education-related complaints had filled. Several laws act, etc have made. Higher education authority strictly trying to keep track on these malicious activities which are happening in the education system.


Prostitute Mafia

                                        Due to modernization. Similarly, several people are living in an engaged society. In other words, they are trying to attain a proper place in this rat race. After seeing these problems prostitute mafia has become a most crucial topic of discussion. Prostitution comes under the banner of legal activity there is no specific offence scheme in this activity. But when these practice is happening out off consent then its also creates a huge problem in society. Many higher criminal authorities are engaging in an activity called human trafficking. Where a person had sold to another authority against its will.

Majorly females have a higher number in this particular situation children have forcefully engaged in this activity. This huge criminal authority usually exports humans from one country to another country to the opposite party. After that, they are use slavery for purposes or to complete the sexual desire.

            By considering this whole scenario several acts have passed by the constitution. After that, it would become difficult for these criminal authorities to rescue them from these situations.


    In conclusion, this whole scenario one can easily observe. After that, the evolution of the whole of humankind. Coming with both negative as well as positive consequences it becomes an arbitrary duty of citizens. To take more actions against these undesirable elements of society.

Maintaining the dignity of any country, the community is the full responsibility of the citizens who are living there. Several well-known world mafia clans have completely deteriorated and laws regarding this have become more rigid and firm.

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