Israel and Hamas: 11 days Deadliest War of 2021


As we already discussed the history of that world-famous conflict between Israel and Palestinian in our previous article. In this article, we are going to discuss the recent conditions or events. As we already know, the conflict between Israel and Arab countries along with Palestine is quite old. It’s a religious conflict between Jews and Islamic people. Now it’s also become a real estate conflict. Now this time Israel and Hamas( a political group) are against each other. The conflict between Israel and Hamas has become so common nowadays. Four big and hundred smaller conflicts had been fought between them from 2007. When Hamas got control over the Gaza strip. No one got anything from these conflicts. These conflicts cause more to Palestine as compared to Israel. Let’s briefly discuss this.

The Real estate dispute

After the war between Israel and Palestine. Jerusalem got divided into two parts eastern and Western Jerusalem. Western Jerusalem belongs to Israel whereas Eastern Jerusalem goes under the control of Palatine. From 1948 to 1967 the Eastern Jerusalem was under the control of Palestine. Some Palestinian people migrate from Israel to Eastern Jerusalem. So the settlement or houses for them are made therein eastern Jerusalem. This place of settlement is known as ‘Sheikh Jarrah‘. The 1967 war between Israel and Arab countries occurred. In which Israel won and took the whole control of Jerusalem (Eastern plus western). So basically now the control of eastern Jerusalem is in the hand of Israel. Which was before under the control of Palestine. But still, waqf trust administered this place.

The settlement deal

In 1982 settlement deal is done between the migrated Palestinian people and Jewish people. According to that settlement deal, the whole place of Sheikh Jarrah will belong to Jewish people. And the Palestinian people will be living here is as a tenant. But later after some years, the Palestinian people realized that they got cheated. And Jewish people started evicting them since they are tenants. So Palestinian people who were living at that particular place reported against it in court. Since the court was of Israel. It gave his decision in favor of the Jewish people. Then this case is Re appealed in the Supreme Court. Which is going to give its decision on 10th May 2021.

The Palestinian people complain that some Jewish people forcing them to leave that place. They are doing so in the name of construction work. So due to this matter, there is already tension between the two groups. This tension turns into a clash and then a warlike condition. So exactly what events occur that lead to these warlike situations. We are going to discuss it here.

Events that cause the warlike conflict between Israel and Hamas

Jerusalem has been a place of conflict in its history. Since both Israel and Palestine want it to be under their control. They want it to be their capital. So there is always a small level of conflict or tension. So here we discussed the events that led to the warlike conflict. Let’s discuss the date of the event so we can make a clear picture of that.

7-9 May 2021: So after the Friday prayers. Some clashes happened at Al-Aqsa Mosque between the Palestinian people and Israeli police.  In these clashes, Israeli police used stun grenades. And nearly about 200 people were injured as per the reports.

Israel and Palestine- Jerusalem day rally
Israel and Palestine- Jerusalem day rally

Jerusalem day Conflict

10th May 20201:This day is celebrated as Israel day. And the Israeli people usually conduct a rally in which they criticize Arab countries. And celebrate the victory of Israel. So on that day, a large number of Palestinian or Islamic people gather in the Al Aqsa mosque. Because they thought that the Israel people would conduct prayers there. At the same time, the Israeli police also reached there. And a clash took place between policemen and Palestinian people. Both parties claim that they did not initiate that clash. Policemen claim that Palestinian people threw stones at them first. And Palestinian people claim that policemen shoot rubber bullets on them first. 300 Palestinians, 21 policemen injured in that clash.

Israel and Hamas- conflict-Israeli police force and Palestinian People
Israel and Hamas- conflict-Israeli police force and Palestinian People

Knowing this act, that the police entered the Muslim prayer compound. And forced them to leave that place. Also, they shoot rubber bullets on them. There is also some talk that police take all the keys of that place with them. Hamas, the political extremist group of Palestine, starts firing rockets on Israel. Which causes no serious damage to Israel as they have advanced and Hitech defense mechanisms of Iron Dome

Palestine is divided into two parts: the west bank and the Gaza strip. Gaza strip was under the control of the Hamas group. Whereas Palestinian liberation organizations(PLO) controlled the west bank. According to Israel Hamas is a terrorist group. So they always refused to talk to them. And Israel said that they will talk only when the Gaza strip becomes free from the control of Hamas.

Rocket attack and airstrike

Israel and Hamas-rocket attack-iron dome working
Israel and Hamas-rocket attack-iron dome working

11th May 2021: In reply to the Hamas rocket attack Israel conducts airstrikes. In which it destroys Gaza City Tower. Target Hamas offices and buildings. And according to reports, Israel killed 10 senior Hamas officials in those airstrikes.

12th May 2021:  In reply to the Israeli airstrike Hamas fires more rockets. But this time at the Israeli cities of Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, and Beersheba.  Some clashes also took place in Jewish-Arab areas.  An emergency is declared.

13th May 2021:  Some violence also took place in the West Bank, Jordan. In this violence, 11 people were killed in the Israeli attack as per the Palestinian officials.  But Israel refuses those charges.

14th May 2021:  Israeli forces shot down a 21-year-old Hezbollah member on the Lebanon-Israel border. And due to this event, the tension between Israel and Palestine had increased even more.

17th May 2021: On the next day of the shot-down event Lebanon fired 6 rockets at Israel. But these rockets didn’t hit their target and fell earlier. Due to this event, Israel also fired rockets at Lebanon in reply to their attack.

18th May 2021: Now it has been a week since the clashes began. But still, there is no sign of peace and the attacks did not stop. The death toll reaches nearly 200 of which 12 are Israeli and others are Palestinian people. More than 200 deaths, 12 of them Israeli. And a large number of people were injured in these attacks.

Ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

19th May 2021: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas talks to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. In this particular talk, he appeals to stop the violence so that peace can be established.

20th May 2021: Egypt arranged a platform for talks between Palestine and Israel. Fortunately, they both agreed to a ceasefire. After that, they both claimed victory on their side.  This news is announced to the people. And the people celebrated it as their victory.

21st May 2021: A few hours after the news of the ceasefire. A crowd gathers near the Al Aqsa Mosque to celebrate. Here people also created a ruckus(a disturbance and commotion) with celebration. On knowing that the police reached there.  And when the police started controlling the situation, people started throwing stones at the police officials.  After which again a clash took place over there. More than 20 people have injured in this clash.

Casualties and Destruction Due to Conflict

Palestinian officials confirmed that 2000 housing units were destroyed and 15000 units were partially destroyed. If we talk about financial damage it’s estimated around $150 million. And according to the United Nations Office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs. From 2008 to 2020 near about 5600 Palestinian people died and 115000 got injured. Whereas 250 Israeli people died and 5600 got injured.

Israeli airstrike and destruction caused by it
Israeli airstrike and destruction caused by it

Now nearly 11 lakh people lack the basic facilities of electricity and water. Due to these clashes, the supply chain has been destroyed. Many residential, commercial, and government buildings have been destroyed. Hamas fired nearly 4000 missiles on Israel. In reply, Israel conducted hundreds of airstrikes on Hamas. Both the countries suffer from economical loss. Many peoples died on both sides.

Foreign countries view on Conflict

All major and powerful countries in the world appeal for a ceasefire and peace. Some support Israel and some support Hamas but all agree at a common point of peace. China, UAE, Russia, and America, etc appeals for a ceasefire. Finally, Egypt, which also has played an important role in establishing peace earlier, got both countries ready for a ceasefire.


Israel and Hamas conflict is not a new thing nowadays. In this article, we have only discussed the recent 11 days conflict between Hamas and Israel. There is a ceasefire between them for now. There is no permanent solution proposed for these conflicts yet. No matter why and how this conflict got initiated. The cost is paid by the common and innocent peoples of these countries. Many innocent children, women, and men lose their lives in these conflicts.

The rocket fired and the airstrikes that had been conducted caused a lot of damage to lives and property. This needs to be stopped, some permanent solution needs to be proposed to avoid any further conflicts. Some initiative must be taken by both these countries. So that violent conflict can be stopped for the sake of humanity and the people living in these countries. Thank you for reading the article till now. Hope you got what you want to know about the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas.


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